Detailed Information on Dried Kiwi

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: February 7, 2013

A dried kiwi slice is an excellent way of preserving the exotic kiwi fruit for a longer time and also keeping the freshness alive. The process of drying makes the fruit lose the water content, making it richer in the vitamins and also enhances the taste as well. The storage also becomes convenient and easier in comparison to preserving the fresh fruit and running the risk of spoilage and damage. However since the calorific content increases after the fruit is dried, it is better to watch the consumption especially if you are on a diet.

The vitamin c content is amazingly greater in comparison to oranges making the ratio as high as 1:3. This means that one kiwi fruit is equivalent to three oranges in the content of vitamin c. This fruit also has the medicinal property of reducing the blood pressure levels to a considerable extent. The fiber content is equally good and helps those of you who are watching the weight gain. The cholesterol content is low, and this reduces the risk to the heart. Having said this, the qualities may be slightly different in the fresh fruit and a dried kiwi.

Another great medicinal quality of a dried kiwi fruit is that it is low in sugar content compared to a fresh kiwi fruit and most fruits making it suitable for consumption by diabetics and weight watchers. However since the dried kiwi fruit is often dusted with sugar it is advisable not to consume too much of the dried version and prefer the fresh fruit instead.

This fruit was also called as the Chinese gooseberry as it did resemble a gooseberry in its color and look. The now popular name kiwi has been derived as an inspiration from the kiwi bird. These fruits are a great source of vitamin c and hence are popular both as raw kiwi and dried kiwi.

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