Dried Kiwi – The Plus and Minus Points

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: January 29, 2013

Kiwi, a fruit native to Australia is a sweet juicy fruit that is filled with health benefits. Though not meant for long term storage, the fruit is rich in antioxidants and C Vitamins and is highly recommended by sports trainers to athletes. This fruit is low in fat and calories which is why it is a great dietary supplement for those who eat a diet low in sugars. Moreover, it contains healthy fibres and minerals. This fruit can also be used for making shakes and fruit drinks which is why it is a multipurpose fruit.

A 1.8-oz. serving of kiwi fruit in the dried state has about 180 calories. This is much more than the same serving of fresh kiwi, which approximately 30 calories. A major reason for this is due to the drying process for the fruit, which concentrates calories and other nutrients. As dried kiwi is usually covered in sugar, the dried fruit calories also include added sugar. In spite of being high in calories, many health professionals and sports coaches advocate this fruit as a snack owing to its high nutrient value.


Dried kiwi fruit is a great source of calcium and iron. Recommended not only for sports professionals, it is great even for children as they need these nutrients in their growing years. One fruit provides 4 per cent of an adult’s daily calcium needs. Even though kiwi in any state is not a great source of fiber, a research study showed that people who ate kiwis everyday experienced constipation relief due to the fiber content.


Added sugar is high in dried kiwi. Preparation of dried kiwi includes addition of granulated sugar which is a negative aspect of the fruit. Most of the sugar in this fruit is natural i.e. fructose. However, some of the sugar is sucrose which may be damaging to one’s health. It is recommended for an adult not to consume more than 25-27 grams of the kiwi fruit every day.


For a confectioner, kiwi fruit may be candies or glazed. Dried kiwi fruit makes a very good fruit leather. It makes a great treat for children and may be used in fruit salads or cakes.

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