Healthy and Scrumptious Dried Kiwi

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Nutrition Posted: January 25, 2013

Tangy and sugary at the same time the ‘Kiwis’ are the all time favorite fruit. They can be eaten raw or can be consumed in a dehydrated form called ‘Dried Kiwis’. The dry fruit is convenient and easy to store, pack and eat with its nutritive value. The dehydration process eliminates the water present in the kiwi slices. The kiwi is also named as Chinese Kiwi or called Chinese gooseberry because of having its origin in China. Today it is being sold all across the globe due to its highly nutritive qualities.

The dried kiwis are the richest source of vitamin C and other vital nutrients. It is believed that the vitamin C present in a single kiwi is equivalent to the same in three oranges. That is why the dried kiwis are concentrated and the dehydration increases the more vitamins per gram than that of the raw ones. The potassium and magnesium present in the kiwi help in controlling the blood pressure and the adequate functioning of the nerves. It is an anti-oxidant and good for heart patients too.

Moreover, kiwi is the great supplement of folate which is ideally recommended for pregnant or nursing women. The phytochemical leutin available in the kiwi helps to have good eyesight and thus preventing the vision loss. As we know that dried kiwis are dense in nutrients, so they are authentic and rigorous source of instant energy as the fat and the calories in it are quite negligible i.e. only half a gram and the fiber that we get from them is more than eating a bowl of cereal.

The green color of the kiwi makes it more appealing and due to its dried form it is a convenient snack to be taken or eaten anywhere you like. The dried pomegranate comes in diced or sliced form and best to use in baked goods, salads, sauces, hot cereals, muffins, fruit cake and homemade ice cream. The dried kiwis are extremely scrumptious and are packed with oodles of dietary fiber which is worthy of regulating blood sugar. They are easily available in any good grocery store, packed in reasonable containers.

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