Things you should know about Dried Kiwi

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: February 3, 2013

Kiwi is sweet and juicy and is amongst the favorite fruit for many. But it may or may not be present with you to relish all the time. You can thus, look at the option of drying the fruit. If you dry kiwi in an appropriate manner, you can help retain its quality, taste and nutritional value for a longer period of time. Kiwi is an easily dryable fruit and takes a much lesser time that many of the other fruits. It should not take longer than five to six hours to dry kiwi.

When it is dried and dehydrated, kiwi provides minerals and fiber and is reasonably low in calories and fat.

It increases the iron and calcium content in the body. The calcium intake from kiwi specially

Bone density would be strengthened in a person. Eating of dried kiwi augments intake of antioxidant that assists in prevention of periodontitis, which is a condition of inflammation of the tissues in the region of your teeth. The mineral iron helps in enhancing the production of the red blood cells in the body. Dried kiwi provides you with approximately three percent of the daily required iron intake.

The reason that dried kiwi is rich in sugar is because o the procedure involved in drying it. It is dried by adding granulated sugar and thus should be only added in the food if the meal is low sugar meal. There is plenty of information available over internet about Dried Kiwi. It offers great advantages to all those who consume it in regular intervals. The dietary plan that comprise for healthy fit prescribed by any dietician would comprise of dried kiwi. It has been recommended by lots of specialists all across the globe.

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