Use Dried Kiwi To Prevent And Treat Constipation

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Health Benefits Posted: January 15, 2013

If you suffer from constipation, there is no longer the need to depend upon habit-forming laxatives. Instead you have a healthy and effective natural alternative in dried kiwi fruit. There are many clinical researches to prove the effectiveness of this fruit in relieving your from constipation. There have had been many anecdotes about the laxative effects of the fruit, which were recently tested by a number of research groups. The studies found that regular consumption of the fruit helped subjects in achieving softer and bulkier stool with more frequent bowel movement.

In a study conducted in China, subjects who took 2 fruits daily for a month experienced relief from constipation. In addition, the fruit also helped in improving satisfaction and comfort, while decreasing the reliance on other laxatives. Another research study conducted on those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS reported that they achieved relief from the condition and improved their digestive system.

When the level of the natural digestive bacteria in your body drops, it becomes difficult to break down food. However, eating dried kiwi fruit helps your body to break down food easily into nutrients, which can then be absorbed by the intestine. Most people have underrated this fruit, as they don’t know about its effectiveness in preventing and treating digestive problems. As the fruit helps in improving the digestive system, it has also indirectly been associated with fighting acne.

If you or someone in the family is suffering from constipation, the ideal way to go about is to add dried kiwi fruit to your diet. Once dried, the fruit retains all its nutritional benefits. However, the fruit cannot last long when stored in a ripe state. The digestive benefits of kiwi have been studied and proven. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to replace those laxatives with this natural alternative.

In addition to helping treat constipation, the fruit also offers a variety of other health benefits. Studies have also indicated about the effectiveness of kiwi fruit in preventing or inhibiting the development of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gum disease and blood pressure. It is time you switch to this nutrient-rich fruit and bid adieu to those laxatives that come with side effects.


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