What is Dried Kiwi?

By: Dried Kiwi Filed Under: Information Posted: December 24, 2012

Dried kiwi is a simple yet delicious food that can be used perfectly in a variety of dishes, including salads, baked goods, trail mixes, sauce, muffins, hot cereals, homemade ice cream, fruit cakes, and scones. It is very rich in dietary fiber, which helps the digestive system. It helps that it has a nice, delightful taste. As it is dehydrated fruit, it is easy to pack and eat, making it a convenient way for busy people to get good nutrition. It also stores well, lasting up to 6 months in refrigeration.

Dried kiwi fruit has a scintillating flavor. Aside from the dishes mentioned above, dried kiwi can also be used in cakes, pies, breads, yogurt, and many more. You will certainly come back for more after trying it. Dried kiwi is broadly used in most continents, especially Europe and America.

Dried kiwi is packed with essential minerals and vitamins that can aid in your body’s growth, such as Vitamins A and C, and the mineral potassium. Even a small amount of dried kiwi can give you the protection against the common cold and flu. The fastest and easiest way to enhance your digestive system and promote your heart health is by regular consumption of dried kiwi. Regular consumption also supplies the body with nutrients to help fight illnesses such as depression, cancer, asthma, eye disease, diabetes, and so on.

Pregnant women are recommended to consume a good dose of dried kiwi to help in the development of the fetus, as they require essential mineral and vitamins found in dried kiwi such as copper and magnesium to ensure the development of strong bones, brains, and good immune system and metabolism. However, do not make the mistake of over consuming dried kiwi, as even a serving of 50g has nearly a woman’s daily recommended intake of sugar, and this does not take into account the granulated sugar usually used as coating when storing dried kiwi.

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